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Lavrenty - JCW application (will be updated soon) by Snuffsk Lavrenty - JCW application (will be updated soon) by Snuffsk
Full name- 
Lavrenty old name was Lawrence


5 years, Birth date: 5th March 2009

Special Warrior - His duty is to fulfill secret orders, also to gain more territory for the clan. 

undefined - even when nobody first thinks he would like females, he truly does. But he doesnīt admire every cat, he sometimes chooses a female and when he finds her, he wonīt let off easily. He had had many short relationships, just for fun.

Brief backstory-
Lavrenty was born as a stay and was abandoned by his mother with his siblings. He never saw his real parents. But happily an old she-cat that lost her kits a long time ago adopted them and gave them warmth and all they needed. Times were hard on the streets and Lavrenty soon realized, by watching the big cats, that it needs unfair solutions to survive on the alley. He began to steal and kill other cats, just to get their territory and food. His siblings left the city, seeking for a safer home after they heard of humans and their kittypets, the only one who stayed on the streets was his adoptive mother and him, Lavrenty, the stubborn one of them. He often came back to his adoptive mother to share his prey with her, because she was the only one he could trust and he admired her for her knowledge and her kindness. For the tom it was important to be strong, not only to survive, he wanted to be known in the city. He soon became a well known thief, he had many relationships with other cats and dealed with food. He nearly knew every cat in the city and wanted to use them for their territories. Some day he would poison one by one, just to get their territory and power. One day he encountered Viktor and his brother Ivan, they nearly killed him after he tried to steal their food, but he made a deal with them and joined their group of rebels. Lavrenty quickly became friends with them and approved of their brutal attitudes. He was on Viktors side, when he plotted to kill his Brother to gain his power and territory, with the help of his followers. Lavrenty soon became Viktorīs closest follower and enjoyed working for him. Together they spread the fear in the whole city until Bloodclan came. Lavrenty greately hated those cats and also managed to kill a few of them by poisoning their food and fighting them. But as hard times came he realized that Viktor was too weak to lead a war against a big group full of violent murderers. Some day he waited for Viktor to explain him the current situation of the secret war against Bloodclan, but Viktor didnīt come back. They believed Viktor died and so Lavrenty had the idea to lay the blame on bloodclanīs leader for "killing" Viktor and made an martyr out of him. He leaded the group now and planned to attack the clan. So they did, but they lost against them. Lavrenty could escape at least. Hard times began again and Lavrenty had troubles with finding a rebelious group to join, because most of the tough cats already joined Bloodclan. Finally he gathered up some cats and made them to a group of thiefs. So he continued living with the group, until Bloodclan fell apart. Lavrenty was up for revenge on the rest of the broken clan, so he sometimes stole their food rations and chased some members out of the city. Finally he was again one of the biggest cats in the city and made himself and his group a name. They were known as the most furious thieves in the city. 

Lavrenty one day heard of a new clan, Jaggedclan. He feared that it would be a big threat for the group, just as Bloodclan was, so he decided to send his cats to steal their prey, until he one day heard that a strange white tom stopped them at their work. Lavrenty instantly knew they spoke of Viktor. He was glad he wasnīt dead yet, so he comes to deal with Jaggedclan and maybe join them with his group to cooperate. 

mixture of everything with a slight cognition of Abessinian


- Marla (adoptive mother) - :bulletgreen: :bulletpink::bulletpink: :bulletblue:
"Sheīs the reason why I survived, I really love her as my mother and will always miss her a lot..."

- his Siblings - :bulletgreen: :bulletred::bulletred: 
"Those morons left me for a better life. A hord of silly cowards. I hope I will never see them again!"

- Viktor - :bulletpink: :bulletyellow: :bulletblack:
"I consider him as my closest friend. I admire him for his power and strenght, but after he left his own group without telling us any reason I worry about his greatness. Well, weīll see. "

- Ivan - :bulletred: :bulletorange:
" Viktorīs brother, he isnīt the brightest in comparision with his brother, but yet he knows how to kill and earn fear. Well, still I wanted his death. That idiot didnīt even see it coming, haha!"

- Mika - :bulletpink::bulletpink: :bulletblack:
"What else can I say? Mika is one of the most incredible catīs Iīve ever met in my life. I really admire her for her kind and I hope I can get closer to her."

- Angela - :bulletpink: :bulletblack: :bulletblue:
"Well, I still canīt get over the fact that sheīs pregnant. I mean.. I like her, but more as a close friend. Hrmph.. I just canīt really explain my feelings."

- Winter - :bulletpink: :bulletyellow:
"Sheīs a very impressive female and she really needs my help. Only I, the most helpful tom in the clan, can help her with feeding her kit. Iīd really like to get to know her better.~ "

(If I forgot someone, please tell me! )

( :bulletred: = dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: = hate
:bulletblack: = mysterious feelings
:bulletpink: = like
:bulletpink::bulletpink: = love
:bulletgreen: = family
:bulletblue: = sad feelings 
:bulletyellow: = concerned for
:bulletorange: = uneasy for
:bulletwhite: = neutral )

RP example-
His dull right eye followed the steps of the cat, his shaggy fur stood on end. With unsheathed claws he was ready to go on that bastardīs throat. How dare him to insult my pride! Oh yeah, Iīll show him who I am! The cat was turning its head to Lavrenty to rant about his job for a last time, but suddenly the small tom jumped at its face. The catīs eyes were widened as the tom burried his teeth into itīs nose. Lavrenty pulled and dragged around, both cats were dithering on the ground, until the cat rescued itself and fled. It avoided to get rip off its nose. 

very sly, ambitious, loud, sadistic, braggy, can be rude, unscrupulous, greedy, perverted, a little naive at some points, self confident, but also can be very loyal, can trust you blindly, short tempered, also can be charming and funny, even sometimes calm and helpful. He mostly shows up his welcoming side to a clan member or a friend, but if you make a bad impression on him he can show his bad sides. Heīs very relaxed besides the bad points and likes to act cool. 

Accessories (and why you have them)-
a weared off green collar which he took off from his adoptive mother, when she died. 

- He has the itch and often scratches himself, thatīs why some patches of his fur are missing. 
- Also he isnīt a very clean cat and his scent doesnīt smell pleasing, itīs almost like scraps. 
- He has a strange kind of accent, comparable with the british accent. 
- He gave himself another name, as he joined Viktor and Ivan, since most of the cats had a russian name in their group. 
- He is nearly blind on the right eye and can only see a few shapes with it, the left one works fine. 
- Heīs a skilled thief and criminal, mostly known for dealing with food or special substances. [DRUGS FOR CATS]

Theme Songs-

>Main theme = Mercenary - Panic! at the disco…
>Alternative/Secundary theme = Atlas Air - Massive Attack…
>Romantic theme = The Antlers - Putting the dog to sleep…

Round two for jaggedclan c:
I think it needed another drama queen like him x,D

I wonīt neglect Viktor, donīt worry!

EDIT: I changed his personality a little
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