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March 28
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Story: [Major Spoilers to my story "The last Uprising", but I guess you won't care]

This is a scene from Weasel's death and also the ending of the story.
Finally the great day has come, when the last Uprising will take down the tyrant called Weasel, which had taken in the whole city with a lie. He made them trust his promises and finally lead them all in their own grave, for being foolish.
The tom did whatever he wanted and didn't hesitate to get his paws dirty by that. He led execution lines, which were conducted by his army of followers. Though most of his closest followers, who helped him with taking down the foreign Rulers, left him behind, realizing that he became much worse than his forerunners. He was filled with greed and envy.
the day has come to make the city to a safer place, where justice leads the stray cat's lives.
But Weasel allured Joseph's troup into a trap, a place where he scattered some petrol, the day before, on the ground.
Sickle, the leader of the army was on his side and of course the army had no other whish than protecting Weasel's power.
So when the last Uprising arrived at the place, looking for Weasel, they found him. A fight began and Weasel set fire, finally. It was a terrifying battle, but the last Uprising didn't give up, until they managed to take Weasel down. The whole mass, full of rage and disappointment, attacked Weasel and did the rest. Joseph, the leader of the last Uprising just watched them taking down the liar, who once was his idol. Eventually justice won over crime and in the end, the people's man was taken down by his own people, which once were on his side. "This was a revolution without any ideology than 'live and let die'.", were Joseph's words after that.
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My cats named weasel.  😄😄😄😘💖😝 
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Why are you so great at this?
Well, I guess you ARE older than me, I should be a little lighter on myself.
Great job, though!
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Oh my, ignore that question, I easily found out after looking at the title twice >~<
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Wahh, so great and how each of the characters react just made me collapse and explode at the same time with emotion ~ Prr, just great, hm what song did you use fur this ? 
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I cant believe I missed this in my inbox, shame on me.
This is incredible omg. I absolutely adore the face expressions and emotions you put into your artwork
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I can't help but watch this over and over and over oh gosh wow this is incredible.
Perfect mixture of animation and tweens, and I love the expressions and timing too!
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This is really cool! What program did you use to animate it?
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